Friday, March 19, 2010

"Bun Bo Kho" - Mum's Beef Stew (Bo Kho) with Vermicelli Noodles (Bun)

        Can't beleive I came home and pretty much slept my night away. That's a 4 almost 5 hour "nap" I just had. I was actually up till late food blog hopping, deary me. Might explain why I was so tired when I came home from work. I was just thinking about what to blog about next and had a look through my archive of photos, I thought I might post up something which Mum cooks. This pic was actually posted up on my facebook in June 2008, Mum has cooked this dish again plenty of times since then. It's one of the classic Vietnamese dishes which I grew up with though my earliest memories are of eating this stew with a warmed up crusty bread roll from the local vietnamese bakery (my parents can't justify the cost of bread rolls from any other bakery but when you pay only $1 for 6 rolls compared to $1 for 1 roll could you blame them? Well that was back in the day, I think the average is $1.20 for 5 rolls now).
        It's quite a simple stew of just beef and carrots, with a whole lot of different frangrant spices. Star anise and cloves are the only two spices I am aware of, never really paid attention to the ingredients as I just concentrated on the eating part. When eaten with noodles it's usually served with a handful of fresh herbs, some crunchy bean sprouts and a wedge of lemon to add a bit of a kick to the soup. Mmmm bliss. You can see I've drowned my bowl with basil, I love basil! I really need to lift up my game and start learning these classic dishes before Mum gets too old, one day I'm going to have to cook all this for her. She cooks them so well though so I tend to leave them for her to do and cook things that arnt in her repertoire.

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