Sunday, March 7, 2010

Double Chocolate Cupcakes (with a suprise)

        I almost had a disaster! Waking up Saturday morning and not feeling 100% should be a sign I should have stayed in bed but no... being the baking/cooking obsessed person I am I decided to go and bake cupcakes, and my cousin ever so kindly begged me to make some so I did =p.  Not only was I not all there upstairs I decided to go by a recipe I hadn't used before. Smart one Angie.

Compound chocolate to be melted.

        First sign that things were not right... the butter should be creamed (beaten) first before adding the sugar.

        Sifted plain flour and cocoa powder. I didn't realise I had left out the baking powder, according to the recipe plain flour was to be used with baking powder. I should already know that I could have substituted both for Self Raising Flour.

        I had a stash of Milky Ways left over from my little addiction a while ago, I obviously had too many to have some left over. The intention was to put some in the middle of the cupcakes for a "suprise".

        Third thing wrong, eggs are to be beaten in one at a time... deary me.

        The consistency of the batter seemed to have turned out okay, it was only now that I realised I left out the baking powder. Too late now!

        Didn't put any Milky Way in these, fingers crossed before they went into the oven because I had no idea how they would turn out with the missing baking powder.

        *Phew* After a taste test they are a-okay! Not light and fluffy but not solid heavy dense rock like either. I think the beating of the sugar and eggs helped.

        The second lot to be baked got some pieces of Milky Way pressed in. These were then covered in some chocolate ganache (which I had leftover in the fridge).

        Double (or triple) chocolatey goodness. Because only the second lot had Milky Way centres it was a lucky dip of cupcakes.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Did I read triple chocolate cupcakes? I think this might be the key to eternal happiness! :D

angielivestoeat said...

You're the second person to say triple chocolate hehe I guess you are counting the "suprise" as the third.

angielivestoeat said...

Haha just saw the "triple" under my last photo.