Thursday, March 25, 2010

Lamingtons! (July 2008)

        First time I attempted to make Lamingtons was in July 2008. And I wanted to do the whole thing from scratch, which meant making my own sponge cake aswell! It's ideal to leave your cake to dry out a little before you start dipping it in the icing. I carefully wrapped up my cake while leaving it overnight so the surface was still quite moist, the dryer the cake the better as you'll end up with extra moist cakes when they absorb all the icing.

        I also had strawberry jam in the middle of my lamingtons, as the cake was quite moist already it didn't really need the jam.

        I set myself up a little mini production line to make my lamingtons. It was quite hard work! Probably why I didn't attempt to do it again for a while. But that was only because I usually go all out and do double batches whenever I bake anything.

        I just searched for lamingtons on the Taste website and kind of took a little bit of each recipe and did it my way. I decided to have 3 flavours of lamingtons, classic chocolate, vanilla and strawberry. This was simply done with flavouring essence (strawberry and vanilla) and cocoa powder mixed in with icing mixture and water for the chocolate lamingtons. It really isn't that hard, you can just buy a plain sponge cake from the supermarket, cut it up into squares and then dip them in some icing mixture and roll them in dessicated coconut.

        I recently made these green and red lamingtons to go with the red and green (Christmas) themed Trivia night last December at church. I flavoured the icing with a few drops of vanilla extract.

        I also made them again from scratch so had heaps of cake leftover so decided to make classic chocolate ones too.


chocolatesuze said...

i keep staring at the xmas lamington platter! love how vivid the colours are!

Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

Dude... Can u pass me a lamington? One of each colour please.

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

Christmas lamingtons! What a great idea. Lamingtons are fun to make, but I agree, it's a bit of a production process!

Sarah Vino said...

Oh wow totally yum! Love the variation.

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

They are quite good looking =D

Anonymous said...

I made red a green lamingtons just like those. except mine were strawberry and lemon flavourd.

Im thinking of making a big platter with every colour of the rainbow.

Red: strawberry
orange: orange
yellow: bannana
green: lime
Blue: No idea what flavour id use
purple: grape