Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mud Crab! (12/01/2005)

        My family seems to have an obsession with mud crab. And this obsession seems to have grown bigger over time. The fact that half my extended family now lives in Brisbane everytime they come down or we go up, it's a crab affair! Apparantly there are plenty of crabs in the Brisbane River. My grandpa and uncles take their little dinghy and traps out and go trawling for crabs. I think the fact that they come for free brings them back to the river day after day. I know for a fact that they will freeze crabs and bring them back home to Sydney by the box full. Heck, when Ryan and I were up there last November, they insisted that we take some crab (which had been cooked) home on the plane. I was shitting myself because I didn't know wether or not this was allowed! I put my neatly newspaper wrapped package of cooked peices of crab through the x-ray and thought I should kindly mention to security that I had "food" in my bag. According to Ryan even when the claws and all appeared on the screen he didn't even flinch. Can you just imagine the sight on that x-ray screen? I had a alot of delighted family members upon my return home. At least I have the comfort knowing that crabs will always bring my family together... oh that sounds wrong =D

Holding it up as if it were a prize!
Think Grandma cooked this dish that day, a caramlised pork and onion dish.

Food always brings the family together =)

Grandma cooking.

Fish just caught - still breathing! (Catfish?)
Mum goes for the kill! Mum has hectic crab killing/chopping skills.

Mum toying around and teasing the crabs... getting ready to move in for the kill! In the background my uncle is saying "It knows, it knows. It's trying to escape".
Mum and aunty bonding over the stove... hehe =D

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