Friday, March 19, 2010

My first delivery from BookDepository! - Gordon Ramsay "Makes It Easy"

        Came home and saw a package awaiting me outside my bedroom door *mental squeel*. I took it into my room and eagerly opened it up knowing that it was one of my beloved books which I had ordered, as it was a couple of weeks ago and I made 2 orders within that week for I think 6 different books I didn't know which one it would be. This one happens to the one titled Gordon Ramsay "Makes It Easy".

        Upon becoming such eager foodies Ryan introduced me to Mr Gordon Ramsay. I was quiet clueless when it came to well known chefs at the time but Ryan was already becoming an avid fan. Every series/episode of his we could find of his we would watch. Hell's Kitchen (US) , Kitchen Nightmares (both UK and US versions), Cook-a-long Live, Gordon Ramsay Make's It Easy, The F Word, anything that had to do with Gordon Ramsay really. Apart from his potty mouth when he's at work he isn't that bad of a man, I mean, he owns a whole entire Gordon Ramsay Empire. 3 Michelin Stars to his name, countless restuarants. Watching an episode of Boiling Point showed that when he walked out of a restaurant because he was unhappy (as a chef working there) almost all the staff followed him out the door, this was before he opened the doors to his first Restuarant. I admire the man.

        The book is divided into 9 different chapters - breakfast and brunch, great fast food, family and friends, summer barbies, just for kids, bellinis and blinis, posh, dinner for two and lastly cooking for a crowd. The aim of the book is to bring the quality of the 3 star meal into the home, simplified without the difficult intricate elements that come with what you would be served at one of his restaurants. I had a quick flip through and skim read some of the recipes. Pictures are drool worthy.

Butternut squash puff "pizza"

Fennel soup

Wild sea trout and baby leak

        From what I've seen he's a great family man, despite all the bad press about his alleged affair. He loves his kids.

        My chauffer is here and I am off to fill my tumtum with food glorious food!! ;) It seems that all my weekends seem to be foodfilled now.


Lorraine @NotQuiteNigella said...

We used the Book Depository for some book gifts and it was so quick. Quicker than some Aust companies! :o

Phuoc'n Delicious said...

I love Book Depository as well! I now get all my cook books from there..

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

I know, it's great! A colleague at work told me about it but I've just been a bit lazy and it's so easy to just pop down to Borders during lunchtime. After comparing prices on a lot of my previous purchases I realised that I would have saved myself some huge amounts of money. It's so easy to overby when you shop online though, when you physcically have to carry them all you usually buy just one or two at a time...