Monday, March 15, 2010

My Infamous Cinnamon Twists

        Would you believe I didn't step foot into the kitchen all weekend?? Those close to me (and those stalking my cooking photos on facebook) would know that every weekend for so long now I always end up cooking/baking something on the weekend even if it's just some quick muffins and then I would post up some drool worthy photos. The exception was this evening but making my own lunch for work is kind of something I have to do (in order to save my health and my $$$). I just made a simple chicken pasta salad, bought some roast chicken and chopped that up, added some spiral pasta, cooked corn kernels, capsicum, grated carrot, potato, egg and then poured over some Kraft Thousand Island dressing and there's my salad, ultimately lazy but quick to put together. Didn't even bother to take a photo of it, only because I didn't think it was photo worthy. I'm already trying to think of what to make tomorrow for Wednesday lunch. And I have to feed my little bro now too who kept being nosey and asking what I was doing whenever I was in the kitchen making lunch. He's also started to complain he spends too much money on lunch at uni. Now that I think about it... should I bother asking the other 2 sibblings and make lunch for 4 too? It's not easy though when you have 3 picky eaters and the fact that I like all sorts of different foods that they wouldn't usually eat. Nah too hard, it's hard enough to find time to make my own lunch.

        Anyway, I thought I would dig through my old food photos and post something up, just so you can have your daily drool fix ;)

        These are my infamous cinnamon twists (pictured here with my Nutella crescents). I havn't made these in a long long time and was only recently reminded by Ryan that he misses these. They are quite addictive, I blame the puff pastry and the cinnamon. I kind of just pulled these together one day and they were such a hit I kept making them a few times, one batch after another. According to my facebook the first photo posted of these was May 2008, it was a little blurry though so I've used this photo which was posted up June 2008. I think it's been almost 2 years since I've made these! I really do love puff pastry and the fact that it is so versatile! And the layers and crunch, so addictive.

        And I am sure you are eager for the "recipe" though there really is no recipe because I just kind of "put it together" and it became what it is. To make these you just need 4 ingredients, a packet of ready rolled puff pastry, an egg, some sugar and cinnamon. Lightly beat an egg and brush a sheet of puff pastry with this. Sprinkle over the sugar and then the cinnamon (you can mix the cinnamon through the sugar and sprinkle both on at the same time if you want). Then cut the puff pastry into strips, I think I cut the square sheet into about 8 strips and then cut the strips in half. Take a half strip and then twist the strip until both ends are facing sugar side up with the middle twisted around. Place onto a baking tray with greased baking paper. Bake for about 15-20 minutes at around 180-200 degrees. Something so simple but so addictively tasty. They are a little time consuming even though it sounds simple. With the Nutella crescents I cut the pastry sheet into quarters and then cut the quarters in half diagonally and spread the triangles with Nutella and rolled the triangle up starting from the longest edge with the tip sitting on the outside of the roll. Placed this onto the baking tray and then turned the ends in to make the crescent shape.

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