Saturday, March 20, 2010

My (Mediterranean Inspired) Lamb Salad

        Trying to eat healthily during the week I decided to make my own lunch for work. This is the second salad I made this week. You could somewhat call it a mediterranean lamb salad I guess? That's kind of where I got my inspiration and idea from. Originally I had wanted to get a packet of frozen falafels (which I had seem before somewhere) but after hunting through both Woolies and Franklins at Macquarie Centre during my lunch break I discovered that neither of them sold it. Utterly disappointed as I was very keen on putting falafels in my salad (inspired by Sumo Salad). Plan B was to get a few cans of chick peas and a packet of couscous as a substitution for the falafels. The other ingredients were all planned in my mind. Half a red capsicum left over from the previous day's pasta salad, half a carrot grated which was also left over. I also used half of a quarter of a pumpkin (steamed for health benefits), and a few handfulls of leafy salad mix. For my lamb fillets I marinaded them in olive oil, a pinch of salt, cajun spices, ground chilli and a pinch of paprika. I let the lamb sit while I prepared all the other ingredients. For the salad dressing I used a small tub of Greek Style yogurt and a handfull of finely chopped mint (fresh from the garden!) and mixed it all up. Ryan's verdict was that the flavours all worked well, however silly me forgetting about the fact that yogurt will break down the ingredients, I mixed it all up the night before resulting in a slightly mushy salad as the yogurt dressing had made the couscous become slightly mushy. It's ideal that you only put the dressing on just before eating. (Sometimes I wonder what makes me do such silly things, I blame the long day at work).

Mixed salad.

This is a photo of the leftovers from the pasta salad I made from the night before.

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