Monday, March 22, 2010

The Real First Book Depository Package (Ryan's Suprise) & My 3rd Package!

        Last week when I came home to find a large rectangular package sitting outside my bedroom door I was pretty excited when I realised what had been delivered. It was the first of many packages to come and it was a suprise for Ryan. And I wanted to tell him about it so badly! Technically he already received this cookbook - Gordon Ramsay's Recipes from a 3 Star Chef. There's actually 3 different editions of this book, the one I had bought him for Christmas was the extra large hardback which came in a hard cardboard slipcase. The one that I bought from Book Depository is a limited (and numbered) edition which comes in a metal slipcase and perspex box and signed by Gordon Ramsay himself. It was this one that I wanted to buy for him originally but couldn't justify the price that Borders was selling it for. Upon discovering how cheap (and on special) it was on the website I just had to buy it, and boy was it worth the expression on his face when he opened up the package.

        This is the one that I bought Ryan for Christmas, he can now not feel as guilty if he got it dirty in the process of cooking (he got orange syrup all over another book when cooking Crepes Suzette).

        There's 50 drool worthy extra large photos of Gordon's entree's, mains and desserts which he serves in his Hospital Road restaurant.

Entree photos.

Dessert photos.

        Every photo comes with a comprehensive recipe in the back, each step broken down so that you can recreate the exact same dish at home. I am still waiting for Ryan to serve up my own 3 star meal =D.

        Came home today to another package! I couldn't figure out which one it was but was happy to find out when I opened up the padded envelope. I love their vanilla cupcake recipe that much I might as well buy a whole collection of recipes from them =). There are 9 chapters in this book: 1. Muffins, breakfast buns, and quick breads 2. Coffee cakes and bundt cakes 3. Cookies 4. Brownies and bar cookies 5. Cupcakes and layer cakes 6. Icings, fillings, frostings and sauces 7. Cheesecakes and cheese pies 8. Pies, tarts and a cobbler 9. Ice creams and ice box desserts.

        More recipes than photos but still an awesome book. I keep getting asked more and more each day when I'm going to open up my own cafe/bakery. Patience my pets! ;)


Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

The Magnolia Bakery cookbook is wonderful. I stayed around the corner to the actual bakery whilst I was in New York and there desserts are amazing. From the afternoon to evening there are people lining up aroudn the block for a taste of their treats. Its so cool that you have their cookbook.

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Hi Amy! Yes the cookbook is wonderful! I've read about the Magnolia bakery but having never been to New York the closest thing is making my own cupcakes using their recipe. Now I can make a whole lot of other yummy treats =) Btw... are you as much of a cook book maniac as I am?