Wednesday, March 3, 2010

So... I've made a blog (again) - The closet Foodie comes out!

So I've caved. I've given in to pressure and created a blog (again). What do I mean again? I've had my fair share of blogging and web site creating and what not in my teenage years, hence why I am a little reluctant to get into all this stuff again. However, with such a following on facebook of my cooking photos, and the pressure to start  blog I think it's time I give it a go (I only seem to find out my photos are being stalked when I bump into people at parties/gatherings).

        This will be my journey, of learning to cook, of getting better at cooking, of learning how to present food on a plate, of developing photography skills and of challenging myself through cooking new dishes, trying different flavour and texture combinations and of all things food related.

       I'm going to dig up my archive of photos (some dating back to 2005) and blog about them in between all the new food experiences I have, most of these would have been posted on facebook already. If it's going to be a post from my archives I will put the date the photo was taken next to the title so you know approximately when it was taken. I'll give you a little background on the occasion, and the dish and anything else that I think might interest you.

        There will be the occasional restuarant photo taken but I can assure you there won't be many because I get embarrased of pulling out my camera, especially in the finer places. The flash is just embarrasing in a dimly lit space, and it ruins the photo anyway. When I am out I prefer to enjoy the experience as it is, without having to wait until I get that perfect shot of my meal. It's also a challenge to make a hungry boy wait a second more before he gets to dig into his meal. I may decide to blog about my experience at certain places if I feel the need to depending on how good or bad the experience is of course. 

        Oh and P.S. Credit goes to my best friend and boyfriend Ryan. This is really our journey, we cook together whenever we can, I've taught him as much about cooking as he has taught me through the years we have been together. I'm probably fattening him up with every dish that I create and bring over for him to "taste test". He can probably account for majority of the photos saying either "I ate that" or "I helped cook that" or "I made that all by myself". - Love you babe!


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Welcome to the world of food blogging Angie! :D

angielivestoeat said...

Awww yay my first comment! Thanks Lorraine =) I actually came across your blog a while back by accident but foundnd that your blog would almost always show up in google searches on anything related to food so have now since been a newbie follower ;)