Monday, March 8, 2010

Vanilla Buttercake Cupcakes! (May - Nov 2008)

        I just love a classic vanilla buttercake cupcake! Could gorge them down just as they are if they are done well. And I'm about to let my secret out... I use the cupcake recipe from the famous New York Magnolia Bakery! The recipe can be found here. I have altered it a little here and there over time however if you wanted to follow it exactly you'll still have yummy little morsels. I also am not a huge fan of buttercream hence never really used it on my cupcakes but after making my own... I will have to go back and make cupcakes again and frost them with my own yummy buttercream!

        I started making my own cupcakes in May 2008 (Photos are from May - Nov 2008). Mum says to me the day I decided to make cupcakes "why don't you make them with the small size cupcake tray (babycake size tray)"... after making so so many of these babies over time she asks me "why do you make such small cakes for? One bite and it's gone". Mums... seriously, sometimes I wonder why I ever take her advice/opinions. Babycakes seem to be the favourite though, you can have a few and not feel too guilty ;) and they are super cute! They are so time consuming to decorate, hence I like to keep it as simple as I can preferring just regular icing mixture flavoured with essence, tinted with colour and topped with some complimenting toppings.

        Toppings L to R: Coconut Icing with Dessicated Coconut, Strawberry Icing with 100's & 1000's, Almond Icing with Flaked Almonds, Chocolate Icing with Cocoa Powder. Made these for a cousin's birthday.

        Cupcake Cocktails! My (other) cousin had a cocktails themed birthday party so I got my hands on these beautiful Martini Vases and filled them with cupcakes and babycakes. (Note: I cracked the big Martini vase before even using it here, I had to tape it up and use it because it was the centrepiece to my display).

        I also made some chocolate buttercake and caramel cupcakes on this occasion. Similar toppings used again.

        This was made as a birthday present. All vanilla buttercakes with assorted flavoured icings and toppings.


Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

The cocktail glass is a cute way to serve them! :D

angielivestoeat said...

Too bad I cracked the large glass vase the day I brang it home to do this! I've turned the crack side away from the camera, had it all taped up just so we could use it for the night. I got worried when my cousin's tipsy friends picked it up and started posing with it for photos =S