Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ca'D'Or Cafe Strathfield (April 2005) - A little bit of history

        I was just scrolling through all my old photos and found a few that brang back good memories. Ryan and I used to spend a fair bit of time at this place, if it wasn't here then we would be at Burwood. Way back when he was working as a waiter in Burwood this was one of the places that we came to after he finished his shift to just chill and catch up, because it was open late and they had these massive lounges that you could just sink and disappear into. Also the fact that it's in Ryan's local area. The food here wasn't all that impressive but it was passable. It was more the fact that you could sink in and chill here for an hour or two. The reason why we came here though was for one particular dessert.

        Our special name for this dessert was "brain freeze", because of the brain freeze that would happen straight after we ate a spoonful of the crushed ice. From research and eatshowandtell's blog this is apparantly called "Pat Bing Soo"? Seriously, it was that long ago and I never really paid attention to the name, we just pointed to the menu and knew to order the smallest size we could get. This was a massive dessert designed to be shared among many. This dessert consists of many layers, firstly a bottom layer of crushed ice drizzled with syrup (from what I remember it tastes like the syrup/cordial you buy from the asian groceries). On top of this is a layer of mixed fruit (when we had it it was typically canned fruit salad plus fresh watermelon cubes but from what photos I've seen on blogs it looks like they use fresh fruit now). On top of this is a layer of red bean which is then topped with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and then the whole thing is drizzled with condensed milk. We absolutely loved it! Some days we came here just for this. It has been a long long time since we've had this. We've grown up and have migrated to other places when it comes to eating out or going for coffee =D.

        Another dessert which I didn't mind having here was the banana split. Banana split in two and filled with 3 big scoops of vanilla ice cream covered in whipped cream and drizzled with a rainbow of sweet sticky syrups. A wafer on each end and some sprinkles and marshmallows on top. It's been a while. After a very long absence we came back to Ca'D'Or Cafe a couple of months ago for drinks. I remember that Ryan had a green tea smoothie - the idea intrigued us and upon tasting it wasn't too bad at all. I also noticed that they had upgraded all the lounges, I'm glad because all those years ago when we used to visit the lounges were already starting to deteriorate. I'll have to come back again one day for dessert.


Amy @ cookbookmaniac said...

I love how that banana split looks like a hot dog!

Jen said...

Ah, Ca'dor has changed so much over the years, I don't go there anymore. Have dessert at Beauty & the Beast, Hello Happy or CeCi which are all just nearby!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Amy: I love how you look at that and see hot dog haha lol! =D

Jen: Yeah, we used to go there a fair bit "back in the day", it's not the same anymore. We generally don't go out as much anymore, such old farts we've become prefering to stay in =D