Sunday, April 25, 2010

Okori Teppan Yaki - A night full of fun and laughs

        So Ryan tells me he's in charge of organising a farewell dinner for one of his work mates who's leaving to go back to the motherland after graduating from uni. He asks me if I know of any Teppan Yaki places in Parramatta and with the help of Google I sent him a link via facebook, only to find out he went and booked this place called Okori Teppan Yaki in Harris Park. I've actually been here with another group about 3 years ago. It was great fun.

        So we're one of the first people to arrive, the place is desserted, I guess Sunday night is not a big night for them. It's not a huge place. There's 3 Teppan Yaki stations which makes up the main part of the restaurant and then a small group of tables near the entrance, I guess that's where you sit if you want A La Carte style service or they probably also use it as the waiting area, dessert area. While we're deciding on what we're to be ordering I was reading the cocktail menu I noticed this very disturbing drink name on the shots menu. I'm not a big drinker but am aware of other rude names for drinks but this one was just... hmmm. Can't imagine Midori and Kahlua together either, do I dare try a "Shit on Grass"? I decide to pass on alcohol for the night.

        I was a little baffled with how they had assembled the wooden disposable chopsticks. The rubber band folded up wrapper I found were a hindrance to my eating so I pulled them off in annoyance. Don't really undertstood why they did it, maybe it's for those people who don't know how to use chopsticks?

        Our starters - Miso Soup and Salad. We decide to go for the Mixed Teppan set #2 for $32.00 per person which includes a Salad, Miso Soup, Mixed Entrée, Prawn, Chicken, Fish , Steak, Fried Vegetables and Rice. The difference between Set #1 and Set #2 is Set #1 ($28 per person) comes with no Mixed Entrée but includes Pancakes for dessert and Set #3 ($36 per person) includes Mixed Entrée, Calamari and Pancakes for dessert. I am a little baffled about the reason behind the pricing for sets #1 and #2.

        Our Mixed Entrée plate comes out. There's a fried gyoza, terriyaki chicken, and a prawn tempura. All decent to eat though nothing absolutely outstanding.

        It's fascinating watching your food being cooked in front of you. The chef is pretty good with the knife, nothing that I am capable of, I struggle with knife skills. Someone asks him his name and guess what it is? Mitsubishi! Ha! =D

        Our first course is prawn. Done simply with a bit of garlic and salt and pepper. Morish little pieces of prawn.

        Second course is the chicken in a sweet savoury terriyaki sauce. Good tender juicey pieces of meat.

        Third course - (Flaming) Steak. As I'd been before I was waiting in anticipation of this. It got pretty hot!

        More knife skills. Listening to Ryan's commentary cracks me up, he thinks he's such a foodie! =p

        Mitsubishi asks us how we all want our beef, I don't think anyone goes rare but a fair few of ask go for medium, medium well and well done are served theirs a couple of minutes delayed. It was good beef. Succulent tender pieces of meat.

        Fourth course was fried vegetables, there was more bean sprouts than anything, I despise eating them so let Ryan have all of mine.

        Mitsubishi cooks the fish in a folded up aluminium foil "tray" and then folds it up origami style and pours the sauce over the portions.

I found the fish a little on the tough side, possible overcooked.

        Now starts the fun part of the night. The video is pretty self explanatory. Me being the worst catcher and also holding the camera avoided having to catch the raw egg. These guys were a little more chicken than the group I went with the first time.

        This video is a little long, Mitusubishi cooks the omlette for the fried rice - more knife skills. He then starts throwing it, you had to catch it with your mouth.

        The best part of the night was the rice catching. Listen to Ryan's commentary in the beginning =D Haha oh dear... and he accuses me of being a foodie.

        This is a video from the first visit - there was a lot more cheek in the group. I also found the Chef more playful with the group.

        Watch out for the guy in the white shirt, that's my poor cousin. I warned Ryan to tell everyone this time around not to wear their best clothes and be prepared to get dirty, just in case.

        The food  is pretty ordinary but it's a great night out to be had with a bunch of good friends and a great experience. I definately enjoyed my experience here more the second time around. Probably because I came with a bigger appreciation for food and chefs. It takes guts to be able to cook and perform in front of people like that.
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Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Hehe that looks great! :) I love the theatre of teppanyaki although I don't think I'm very skilled at catching things!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Hi Lorraine: Haha thanks, yeah I avoided the raw egg because I can't catch either! Hated ball games at school. I braved the bowl of fried rice though.