Saturday, April 10, 2010

Pink Drunken Tiramisu!

        The idea of a pink (champagne) tiramisu has been on my mind for weeks now. Ever since I came home with a packet of Biscuits Roses de Reims from The Essential Ingredient weeks ago. They reminded me of the savoiardi (or lady finger) sponge biscuits which just inspired me to make this dessert. Watching last week's Italian Food Safari (featuring tiramisu) just made me want to do this even more! Now, sometimes when I come up with ideas I find out that it's not really an original and that it's already been done out there (I just wasn't aware or was only subconciously aware of it). I havn't come across this anywhere yet so hoping that it's an Angie original, for now anyway =).

        This is actually what inspired me most about my version of the tiramisu. I've read that these biscuits were designed to be dipped into champagne and eaten as they are. Unfortunately my budget doesn't allow for French Champagne so Italian Sparkling is the closest I can get. Before starting my project I dunked one of the biscuits into a glass of sparkly and had a taste. I think that they got a little too soggy while I was trying to get that "perfect shot" =D. I thought it didn't taste too bad but I was more eager to construct my dessert with sparkling wine infused biscuits!

        So this is what went into my tiramisu, minus the rosewater as I was going to put a few drops into the cream but realised I didn't need it in the end. In the top right hand corner there is a jar of Lindt Dark Bittersweet Couveture chocolate - Ryan had a taste of this and couldn't keep his hand out of the jar! It is absolutely divine to eat!

        For the cream/marscapone mixture I followed this recipe for tiramisu from the SBS website.

        I used 1/3 of all measurements as I only intended to make a small tiramisu. Don't understimate the cream!

        I thought that green pistachios would look gorgeous with my pink biscuits and also to add a little bit of a crunch to the dessert.

        Soaking my biscuits in the sparkling wine. I soaked them far too much longer than they should have been. Mind you this is my first time making tiramisu, and taking photos while you are cooking is hard!

        Layering pistachios in between was a last minute decision as I thought it might create a bit of interest in between the layers of marscapone and sponge. Once all the layers were done I wrapped it up and popped it into the fridge to set.

        And this is what happened when I tipped the bowl upside down onto a plate. I really underestimated the amount of cream needed so there's a few patches of sponge showing through. I topped it with the remainder or the crushed pistachios and grated over some of the couverture chocolate.

        It was very heavy with wine, a simple dip would have been fine as the wine would have absorbed through it while it set in the fridge. Don't underestimate the soaking power of these babies. With the cream being on the light side the sponge was quite overpowering, more cream may have helped to tone it down a bit. It probably could have done with double the amount of cream, which would have meant a bigger bowl too. I didn't really have any square containers and bought these square plastic bowls specially for my dessert. I didn't like the idea of using a round/oval/shallow dish because I wanted to show off the layers when you cut into the tiramisu and didn't have anything deep enough at home.

        All in all for my very first go at this, I think it went a-okay! Ryan was so eager to try it, we actually had it not very long after dinner which suprised me as we're usually very bloated after eating (blog entry on that to come soon). I couldn't make this any earlier even though I had everything ready, once you pop the cork off a bottle of sparkly you've gotta drink it all! A Friday night in was perfect, though there's still half a bottle in the fridge - all bubbles gone now =(.


Olive said...

..really nice, I love the pink hue..what a great idea to use pink champagne..I bet that tastes even better the next day.. :)

Amy said...

Oh my darling! Please share!

foodwink said...

What a great idea! Thanks to you, I might use Biscuits Roses de Reims for my next tiramisu. Love the colours too.

Sarah Vino said...

Woah that is one crazy dessert but one that I could lodge into. Interesting textures too... Thanks for sharing.

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

Pink and green make such pretty dessert colours! Lovely looking dessert and I like the generous sprinkling of pistachios on top :)

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Hi Olive: Oh it was awesome the next day! Due to the oversoaking there was a fair bit of wine which had seeped out the bottom, I just added in some more biscuits and cream to mop it up =)

Hi Amy: Where do you live? Hehe If you're close enough I might be willing to share the next time ;)

Hi foodwink: Yeah, I was stoked about this idea, and it was about 2 weeks ago that I picked up these biscuits, just never had the right time to do it until now.

Hi Sarah: Every mouthful was just absolutely divine with all the textures. Good stuff should be shared =)

Hi Lorraine: I think the colour combination is from the florist within me (previous career). I love the pink/green combination. Pistachios are awesome! =)

billy @ a table for two said...

That is very interesting! and it's pink!! I am sure all the girls would love pink tiramisu... and the boys too! :D

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Thanks Billy! I'm sure you wouldn't mind a slice of pink tiramisu either ;p

Essential Ingredient said...

I may even have to give this one a go myself! Great idea!

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Thanks Melissa!! You've gotta be sure to tell me how it goes if you do =D