Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lunch AND Tour at Aria Restaurant - Birthday Suprise Part 2

        (Continued from previous post). So we arrive at Aria Restaurant, the suprise though comes when Ryan asks the lady at the front desk if Karen (the manager) was in. She says that Karen will come see us about the restaurant tour later. Restaurant tour? Oh my what has Ryan done! 
        When making the booking Ryan thought it would be courteous to ask them if it would be okay for me to take photos of the food/restaurant, they pass him on to Karen, who says that it's perfectly fine as long as it's for personal use and not for any publications - he tells her that I'm just an amatuer food blogger *blush*. She thanks him for the courteous gesture of asking beforehand and says that people do it all the time, especially the tourists.
        Karen also offers Ryan a restaurant tour, to which he accepted, only if they wern't too busy of course. I was a little hesistant about it at first but Ryan said that it was as much for him as it was for me. I insisted that once we were done with lunch we would only ask them about it if they wern't too busy.

        We are shown to our seats and our jackets taken. The staff are highly attentive and make us feel very welcome. We decide to go for the 3 courses for $85, I did empty my stomach of all my morning's meal and Ryan was pretty much hungry by lunchtime.
        An amuse bouche is served to us to start off, it's a pumpkin veloute with parmesan foam. The veloute definitely tasted of pumpkin, but it wasn't as heavy as most pumpkin 'soups' out there. The foam was very interesting... the best way to describe it would be "cheesy frothiness". I am still feeling quite quesy and looking out over the water doesn't really help me but the view just draws my eyes out. I try and stuff myself with the bread just to stabilise myself a bit. I was also reluctant to pull my camera out to take photos but Ryan encourages me to, knowing that I would regret it if I didn't.

        Our entrees arrive, Ryan was originally going to go for the 'Goose' entree but our waiter was offering a terrine of lamb, pork and venison as an alternative. Upon hearing this, Ryan immediately took him up on his offer. He gave me a few bites. It was very meaty, slightly sweet and very savoury. The accompanying sauce, which was kind of like a jam, was very sweet, and cut the richness of the terrine very nicely.

        I chose to have the 'Consomme' - a Peking duck consomme, with duck dumplings, shaved abalone and mushrooms. The bowl comes out to the table covered and once it's placed in front of me the lid is lifted off allowing the aroma to just waft up. There were so many textures and flavours in this bowl. Smooth silky dumplings with a soft yet meaty duck filling, firm shavings of abalone, slices of shitake mushroom and strings of enoki mushroom. The consomme is pleasantly fragrant and well seasoned and obvious with the taste of peking duck. Definately felt a lot better after finishing this.

        Ryan orders some wine for us, a glass each to go with our mains. Our sommelier is very helpful in helping with wine suggestions, providing a stackload of information which I unfortunately struggle to absorb. Ryan has a glass of red - 2007 Mac Forbes Blaufränkisch, Carnuntum Austria, I have a glass of white - 2005 Baumard Clos St Yves Savennières (Chenin Blanc), Loire Valley France. All I know is that the suggested wines tasted fantastic with the food =).

        For his main, Ryan orders the 'Beef' - char grilled sirloin with roasted bone marrow, potato gratin and a watercress and pickled onion salad. The beef was well cooked, very tender, and the potato gratin being my favourite of course. I thought the bone marrow was quite interesting, never had it before, Ryan thought it was tasty but a little gimicky though, 'bone on a plate' is how he puts it.

        For my main I chose the 'Murray Cod' - seared fillet of Murray cod, fricassée of girolle mushrooms, salsify and borlotti beans. The cod was well cooked, with firm flesh and crispy skin. The flavours of the dish are very subtle, to show off the quality of the ingredients. This is a kind of dish which I struggle to appreciate as I love my bold flavours however, I am learning.

        Our desserts come and out waitress advises us that when we're ready Karen will come and show us around. Oh how exciting! It's about 3:00pm now and the restaurant has quitened down considerably so I felt a bit more at ease about taking the tour. Ryan chose the 'Pina Colada' - pineapple with piña colada sorbet and coconut tapioca. As soon as I saw this on the menu I knew he would choose it.
        The few spoonfuls which I had I quite enjoyed. The pina colada sorbet was refreshing and the coconut tapioca was creamy. I liked the ginger crumble which added some texture to the dessert. Ryan unfortunately doesn't enjoy it as much as he enjoyed tasting my dessert. He said that after a few spoonfuls it got a little 'too much' and it wasn't all that exciting to eat, he said that he felt the elements didn't quite work together in the dish - his opinion anyway. He finishes it off anyway refusing my offer to swap desserts.

        I chose to go for the 'Apple' dessert - Calvados ice cream with caramelised apple, almond crumble and apple sorbet. I was wowed when this plate came to the table, just looking at it was so inspiring to me.

        The Calvados ice cream was unusual and interesting, never tasted anything like it before. The caramelised apple pieces were not too sweet, soft but yet still firm. There's also small pieces of apple (uncaramelised) throughout the crumble. The crumble was just gorgeous, contrasting in texture with the rest of the elements on the dish. 

        Look it's apple sorbet! As good as my green apple sorbet? I thought it was good as =D, Ryan actually said he preferred my green apple sorbet, this one was alot more subtle in flavour compared to mine. I thought the green apple flavour was quite prominent in this one, but mine was definately alot punchier. My sorbet was definately lacking in finesse as this one was nice and smooth on the tongue where as mine was more of an ice slushy in comparison.

        After dessert, the same waitress comes over to our table and informs us that Karen was held up with a client. She introduces herself as 'Megan' and says that she would take us on a tour of the restaurant instead. She took us past the private dining room, explaining that the area where we were dining could also be closed off for private functions.  As we were walking along the corridor we pass the door that leads into the kitchen. Unfortunately we could not go in as they were still quite busy despite the lunch rush being over, there was still a function going on in the private dining room. She says that we will get to look at the kitchen through the kitchen table private dining room instead.

        At the end of the corridor we took a left and a left again to enter the kitchen table private dining room.  It was a small intimate space with a complete view of the kitchen. There really wasn't a lot of room to move around. The kitchen table would sit a maximum of 8 people. However a minimum of 4 people is required to make a booking. The guests at the kitchen table are treated to an 8 course meal with matching wines.

        The kitchen table comes with it's own dedicated waitstaff, only those that have been with Aria for a long time get the priviledge of doing so, we learn this from the waiter that's been serving us. When each course is served either Matt Moran (if he is present) or his executive chef would explain the concepts behind each dish. The menu is specially devised and features some of Matt Moran's signature dishes.

        The guests at the kitchen table are treated to a completely unobstructed view of the cooking kitchen.  Megan tells us that there are two kitchens in ARIA Sydney. This kitchen handles the cooking for the entire restaurant. The other kitchen, located downstairs, handles most of the prep work.

        Megan tried to open the curtains to show us what the diners would see.  However, the switch to the curtains was playing up, so we told her this view was more than adequate. I was a little hesistent to be so exposed to the kitchen staff anyway.

         I wonder if the chefs feel like zoo animals while there are diners at the kitchen table...

        After we saw the kitchen table we were lead past the bar out to the main dining room. This dining room apparently was taking bookings for May 2011. Located also in the main dining room was the wine cabinet which stored all the expensive and vintage wines, photo doesn't do it justice. It was here in this dining room that we found out that Megan was actually one of the daughters of the co-owners! (Peter Sullivan). So amazingly, she has been exposed to the business since the beginning. 
        She tells us of when the restaurant earned it's 2 chef hats, lost one of the hats, and then gained it back again. ARIA employs 70+ staff members, some of them working at ARIA for 10 or so years. Considering that ARIA has been open since 1999, that is an amazing feat of staff loyalty in an industry where that kind of staff loyalty is very absent.

        Despite it being 10+ years old, the restaurant did not look out of date at all. It had a very classy feel to it. I mean, ARIA has one of the most famous backdrops to work with. They needn't do much more than to keep the look classic and elegant, something they do achieve. I ask Megan if she's eaten all the dishes and she tells us that she actually has and has even experienced watching the dishes evolve over the years.

        We return to our table and recollect on what we had just seen and heard. Also took a few photos of the dining room we were in - this is a mirror image.

        Before the bill came, we were suprised to see our waiter coming to us with a set of petite fours, or as Ryan put it - "petite threes x 2", as we didn't order tea or coffee. It consisted of coconut macaroons, pistaccio and cranberry nougat and hazelnut truffles. We decided that we couldn't eat another bite so he very kindly packed it up for us to take home. The hazelnut truffle was the favourite for both of us.

        There is only one other table left other than us in our dining section and one of the waiters is going around with an iron, ironing all the table cloths ready for dinner service.

        Just before leaving I ask Ryan to take a photo of the Aria sign. He gets me to pose with the sign, a bit of a repeat performance from my birthday last year but this time I am completely sober =D. We both enjoyed our experience very much. Thanks to Ryan for being the best boyfriend ever =). P.S he helped me with this blog entry as I was struggling to remember so much of the information! He actually co-blogged but I've had to go through and edit so that it all flows, we're both very different in our writing styles.

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OohLookBel said...

Good onya, Ryan, for such a great present! The food at Aria is brilliant, and the tour would have topped it off.

chocolatesuze said...

aww thats so sweet of ryan to ring up ahead and ask about a food tour! the desserts look fantastic i would love to try the coconut tapioca

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

How fabulous! What a clever guy getting the restaurant tour. And thanks for sharing it with us! :D

Angie Lives to Eat (and Cook)! said...

Hi Belle: Yes the whole experience was wonderful! Have passed on the comments to Ryan =) He's very proud of himself hehe.

Hi Suze: Reason why I love him dearly =) I didn't mind both desserts, curse my sweet tooth =D

Hi Lorraine: No worries, and thanks again ;)

Elaine (Three Wise Pigs) said...

You're one lucky girl! The apple dessert looks amazing :)