Thursday, February 3, 2011

Kammadhenu, Gelatomassi (Newtown Food Tour Part 3 - 31st July)

        I am ashamed to say that I am so behind on my blogs, but I am sure there are bloggers out there who can sympathise with me =). Other interesting things get in the way (like cooking and eating) and I get sidetracked and I keep building up this great backlog of photos some which may not ever make it onto the blog.

        Anyway, Kammadhenu is a restaurant that does Malaysian, South Indian and Sri Lankan Cuisine. We had stopped by here for lunch as part of a walking eating tour of Newtown (see part 1 & part 2). I was looking forward to lunch here after the overdose of sweet things at our previous stop. There's actually 2 Kammadhenu's in Newtown, one in the southern part of King Street and one in the busier northern strip. We went to the northern one.
        The service was a little slow but the food came out quickly. We were actually quite late for lunch, with only a couple of other tables there so it wasn't too busy or noisy. No flashy interiors here. Being food bloggers (+ one food eater) we ordered a variety of dishes to share so that we could sample a broad range from the menu. These were recommendations from John and Helen as they seemed to be well knowledged as to what was good to eat.

        Meat Masala Dosai. My first time ever eating a dosai (apparantly Ryan had had this before but didn't think to tell me at the time). It's like a thin crepe wrapped in a variety of fillings. Comes with an array of condiments for dipping.

Meat Masala Dosai - innards. A smooth mix of meats, potato and spices.

        Cheese Masala Dosai. This one was interesting - in a good way of course. Not sure if I preferred the meat or the cheese dosai. I loved all the dips though.

Cheese Masala Dosai - Innards. Cheese and curry mmm.

        String Hopper. Reminds me of mum's steamed vermicelli noodle cakes. Best eaten with the hands, you just pull off a piece and dip it into the side of a relish of sorts.

        Egg Hopper. I thought this was quite a unique dish. I loved the contrast of the crisp batter to the soft silky egg.

        Goat Saag. My first time ever eating goat! The meat was quite tender and I actually enjoyed it. Can't quite describe the toast, almost similar to lamb I think.

        Eggplant Salad. This was a welcome relief to all the spicey dishes we had. One of the favourites on the table.

        Gobi Pakoda - crispy fried cauliflower. Totally loved this dish. Was so utterly crispy on the outside and then you bite into the soft cauliflower, oh and did I tel you I love cauliflower? =)

        We could not come to Newtown and miss out on GelatoMassi! Not Ryan and I's first time but we couldn't go home without having at least a scoop. I think everyone was quite full from lunch however Ryan and I somehow managed to sway the majority to cross the road, who can say no to gelato? As usual the place is buzzing and it was quite a warm July day but it didn't take us too long to get our scoops of deliciousness.

Ryan went for the Pistachio, classic but a goody.

        I decided to try something different, apple crumble for me. I loved all the bits of crumble mixed through.
And that is the end to our day eating our way around Newtown. Both of us went home happy and full, and I'm sure everyone else did too!

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Richard Elliot said...

Memories of a good day out.

I'm impressed you could remember back to lunch well enough to still write a blog about that place!

MelbaToast said...

I really like this restaurant and have been a few times. I'm yet to try the Egg & String Hoppers, but really really want to. Going with a big group who know what to order sounds great to me. Sounds like a great day out - what fun.

MelbaToast said...

PS - how do you actually eat an Egg Hopper?

penny aka jeroxie said...

What a great day of eating. The 2 types of hopper looks amazing. I do have a soft spot for hoppers.

joey@FoodiePop said...

Love the look of that egg hopper, and who doesn't love gelato? :-)

Helen (Grab Your Fork) said...

I think every food blogger has a back log. lol. Kammadhenu is great and isn't that cauliflower awesome?!

Anonymous said...

Wow!! What a great dinner and gelato for dessert :) YUMMO!

jenius said...

I think it's been too long since my last Kammadhenu visit! Such a fab place.

shaz said...

Ahh, I'd heard of Kammadhenu but nhaven't actually been there yet. But I'll cross town for dosai!