Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

        It's been a while since Ryan and I last went to the Sydney Royal Easter Show. It seems to have lost it's appeal over the years as we grew older and it's no cheap day out. I'm not quite sure what made us want to go this year but we actually had a very enjoyable (and exhausting) day out and managed to not spend much money at all. We probably won't be rushing to do a return visit anytime in the next few years though, maybe when we have kids ;)

Muscle cars *wholf whistle*.

        This stand is always a first stop when it comes to show food. One Cheese on a Stick and a Lemonade ($4.50 each).

Hot gooey melty cheesy innard.

Next must eat item at the show - Fresh hot corn on the cob ($4.50).

A plaque/ribbon at the front of the stand indicates that they use top quality produce.

Visiting the poultry shed. Some mighty big birds in there.

        I suffer from bird phobia (having been bitten once by a swooping Kookaburra nabbing my afternoon tea & getting my lunch snatched by a Sea Gull). Ryan thought it was funny making me stand close to the cages with these giant squawking birds. As long as they are not swooping and are caged I am not too frightened.

Pig mother and her little piglets.

These little guys were so adorable.

        There was an exhibition we don't remember seeing on previous visits. The 'Food Farm' was mostly aimed at the kiddies, showing them where food comes from, kinda like from paddock to plate style. We sure learnt alot seeing these displays, I'm always confused where different cuts of meat come from on the animal.

        Next door was the petting farm which we stumbled upon. 'Why not?' we though even though our stomachs were wanting food. There were animals big and small. Goats, sheep, a stray dog or two.

Checking the R.M.Williams display with the stallions.

        We also wanted to see the dogs. We also stopped a little to watch the judging outside. It was quite fascinating stuff, didn't realise how competitive this stuff got and how serious people take it.

        We were hungry and needed some food but I couldn't go pass trying the CWA scones. The queue was about 15-20 minutes but I was not going to budge from my spot, the line actually grew behind me. You see, I've read many good things about these ladies and their scones but always missed them at the show. Seeing as I wasn't sure I'd be back again anytime soon I was determined these made it onto the agenda.

        All the scones are made fresh and pretty much to order. They just simply couldn't keep up with the demand hence the long wait.

        We finally got to the front of the line, and the current tray was empty! Luckily another tray comes out of the oven so ou wait is over.

        Ryan was starving so grabbed one of the vegetable rolls from the hot food section. So scrumptious it was!

        These were well worth the wait! Best scones ever! Soft, fluffy, dolloped with lots of cream and jam. It was heaven. We had a Devonshire Tea Set each which included 2 scones with jam and cream ($7.00).

        Completely forgetting about checking out the cake/baking competitions in the Arts & Craft hall we are led by our hungry stomachs into the Woolworths Dome. Freshly shucked oysters from De Costi Seafoods. (Half a dozen for $9.00). Ryan chose to get 3 Pacific oysters and 3 Sydney Rock oysters so we could try out the difference in flavours. I am not a huge oyster fan but will be okay downing one or two. These were also small in size so wern't to hard to swallow. It seems so long ago so I can't remember which was which and which one I preferred.

The famous agricultural displays.

        Who can pass a melted cheese toastie? $2.00 a pop but the line was every growing for these things.

Passed by a curry/spices stand and tried some cashew korma. Tasty.

Prize winning honey displays.

        Found our way to the Flower & Garden hall. This brang back so many memories of my previous career. And the fact that I entered a flower arranging competition here years ago and landed second place!

        I can imagine myself being lifted up, up and away if I had to hold this. Always love looking at them.

        Still peckish, so we hunted down the 'Chip on a Stick'. First time I've had one of these too. Curly potato freshly fried, and dusted in a satay flavoured salt mixture. Totally bliss to eat.

        Still a little hungry so we grab some gozleme to share ($11.00). Beef, spinach and cheese. Hot and tasty, brings me back to the time we first tried gozleme after a grand final NRL match at the stadium.

        Last pitt stop for the day, we watched the dogs on the lawn. Love this guy - Dulux dog I call him (the paint ad).

        Spotted this funky cool looking retro milk bar on the way out but we were both much too bloated to fit anything else in. It was a great day out, we learnt stuff, we ate stuff, and we left happy and content. It'll be a long while before we step foot in the show again. The show doesn't change hugely over the years so you don't miss out on much. But I think it's good fun once in a while.


chopinandmysaucepan said...

Didnt realise there was so much food at the show. Turkish gozleme is my fav :)

Lorraine @ Not Quite Nigella said...

That chip on a stick is amazing! I recognised most things from last years but not that and I would have remembered that ;)

Richard Elliot said...

I think you experienced more of the show than I did. I didn't see the muscle cars, CWA tent or dog show.

Must try harder Richard!

Mark @ Cafe Campana said...

I remember seeing that massive turkey too. When I went the poultry shed the Roosters went crazy with cock-a-doodle-dooing. It was great.

Happy to see you had a fun day too.

Maria said...

Once again I had free tickets to attend but didn't end up making it! There's always next year, right ;-)

penny aka jeroxie said...

Looks fun and so much food. Love the cheese stick!

MissPiggy said...

I LOVE deep fried food on sticks - the highlight of the show for me by a country mile.

Angie - you do look a bit nervous in front of that

OohLookBel said...

Food on sticks is so popular, I think I saw corn, hot dogs, cheese and strawberries. I also think I'll give the Show a miss for a couple of years, it really doesn't change much.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had a really fun day out! Good to read that the queue for the scones was totally worth it.

mademoiselle délicieuse said...

It's always good to steer away from the "kiddie" entertainment of rides and showbags. I remember years ago a girlfriends and I had a great time watching a fashion show presented by wool and cotton companies! Not to mention the food options. And that picture of the black piglets suckling away is absolutely adorable!