Saturday, June 4, 2011

Launch of 'Seizure' - Issue 1: 'Food'

        'Seizure is a new magazine for new writing'. This is a new publication of writing, which is released bi-annually and based on different themes. I received an invitation from subeditor Rosanna Stevens to attend the launch of their first edition which so happened to be based on FOOD. The launch was held at The Paper Mill, in Angel Place, Sydney. I was also a little nervous attending an event where I didn't know anyone but it was a relief to see some familiar faces. How do you spot food bloggers at an event? Huddled around the food prep/serving area with digital cameras snapping away at everything ;). Sandra from The French Wench did an amazing job covering the event (it helps when you have insider knowledge). I didn't mingle as much during the night, was totally out of my comfort zone. But I did have my eye on the food.

Christopher The, owner of Black Star Pastry.

        Coming straight from work (via home to grab my camera), I was pretty hungry and wine was not good on an empty stomach. I was excited that the catering was going to be provided by Black Star Pastry.

        Spiced pumpkin tarts. These were interesting, I think  they needed more of a flavour kick though. But then that's my personal taste, I love bold flavours over subtle ones.

        Green Olives in dukkah and honey. Wasn't in an olives mood so didn't try any of these. They did look yummy.

        Aussie burgers. How can anyone say no to these cute little burgers? Just a plain meat pattie with some relish between a mini burger bun but it hit the spot.

        Test tube of apple cider granita with champagne. It sounded like a great concept when explained to us however by the time I got to try one the granita had melted and diluted the champagne so it just tasted like watery apple juice. Shame. The gold flakes suspended in it did look pretty after you shook the test tube.

Time for the formalities. Alice Grundy - Editor in chief of Seizure.

We also had a few words from Australian novalist Delia Falconer.

        After the formalities we were all given a 'Miracle Frootie', which was a pill made from a miracle berry which was supposed to make everything taste sweet. (And apparantly changes the taste of bitter food too). The sensation usually lasts about 30 minutes to an hour.

        There was a selection of sour fruits for tasting. Lemons, limes, red grapefruit, green apple, strawberries. I actually had my pill after I tasted the rest of the food, just so my tastebuds were not too warped. It was a very strange sensation. My first tasting was the lime, I could taste the sour notes but my brain/tastebuds were telling me that it was okay to eat. There was no scrunching up my face type reaction at all, and it was sweet. I then had a piece of green apple which was quite sweet and pleasant to eat, I actually couldn't stop myself going back for more - that couldn't have been a bad thing though right? I was eating apples! Then I went back for a second piece of lime and felt my face scrunch up. 'It was like we were at a G rated rave party, but with food and happy pills.'

        Beetroot sherbet. These were interesting. Earthiness of beetroot but then sweetness and tartness of a sherbet.

        Goats curd on pumpernickle. I thought they tasted a bit odd, wasn't a fan of the taste and texture of the pumpernickle. It probably is an acquired taste though.

        Balsamic turkish delight with strawberry. One of my favourites of the night (not only because it was sweet). The turkish delight was just melt in your mouth with the slight tartness from the balsamic and the strawberry actually paired quite well with it.

        Guiness and chocolate spider. I don't think I've ever had guiness before. And I don't think I will ever have it again. Didn't like the taste of it at all. Was an interesting concoction though. I'm sure you'd love it if you like your guiness.

        Roasted chestnuts. These were freshly roasted but it was too cumbersome to try and eat with a camera and wine glass in hand.

        Creme brulee flambe. The little vanilla creme tarts were sprinkled with sugar and then sprayed with a mix of vanilla and alcohol.

        Flambe! These were absolutely delish. Soft short pastry, creamy custard, fragrant vanilla, caramalised sugar. Went back for more ;).

        The magazine was sold at a special price of $10 at the launch, so I grabbed myself a copy for some bedtime reading. You can find out where to get a copy here.

        I love how the contents are layed out like a menu. Very creative. The articles in the magazine make for some interesting reading, makes my writing look pretty ordinary (it probably doesn't help that I havn't done much creative writing since leaving high school, hence losing my touch on the writing world).

        Awesome article about ramen! And the wonderful person behind one of Sydney's best ramen spots Gumshara, Mori, whom I got to chat to briefly.

        It was not all literature, there was a pretty delicious looking recipe from Cafe Mint for Apple Cider Duck Tagine.

        And a recipe for 'Hugging Cake', contributed by Christopher The, of Black Star Pastry. It almost looks like a scientific diagram of sorts.

        The next edition of Seizure is already in motion and it's theme is 'Sci-Fi'. Food is an easy topic to write about, but I wonder what sort of things will be written about Sci-Fi? Shame I'm not into Sci-Fi at all!


Anonymous said...

Mmm creme brulee flambe

Sandra said...

Nice one Angie! :-)

Anonymous said...

Great experience! Interesting bites, especially the G-rated happy pill :)

Richard Elliot said...

Sounds like a great concept for a magazine layout. Just a shame the canapés weren't up to the mark.

Ladybird said...

Lucky you! Looks like an enjoyable evening :)

Maria said...

Looks good! Nice selection of food too!

Two fit and fun gals said...

great food! i want a mag :O)