Sunday, March 7, 2010

White Chocolate Brownie Ice Cream

        So I thought I had overbaked my white chocolate brownies a little. The edges were really dark (and because I had to use this dodgy "greaseproof" paper that stuck to the brownie edges) I thought that no one would really want to eat them. Anyway, as I had given away all the good bits the only ones left were these. I found out that once the brownies had "set" in the fridge the paper peeled of more easily and I was left with these very caramelly tasting pieces of brownie. They were better than the "good" pieces in my opinion. As there were so many left I decided to chop them all up and turn them into ice cream. Something I've been meaning to do ever since I got my ice cream machine. I made a basic vanilla cream base and when it was almost done churning I mixed in the chopped bits of brownie. Yummo!!

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